Our Story

Before the big wave of Cuba tourism began with President Obama's changes that make travel to Cuba less restrictive for US Citizens, we wanted to show travelers in Cuba something more than city tours, scenes framed by bus windows and copycat itineraries.  Cuba deserves better - and so do you!   We've set out to be "Cuba's Active Travel Company".  And we've succeeded.  What does this mean?  We have a history of over 37 years in adventure travel, guide training, ground operating and delivering the best active travel experiences on earth.  Cuba is begging for travelers who are curious and eager to learn about their people, their culture, their wildlife, their nature...and have those as the center pieces of the travel experience. Cuban people are excited to see a new kind of traveler and a fresh way to see their country. Cuba has pristine National Parks that have largely been unexplored, incredible coastlines yearning for paddlers, roadways for bikers that rival Italy and cities (beyond magical Havana) that are rich in history with amazing people wanting to tell their story.  We have laid a solid foundation and created a host of thoroughly researched and rehearsed active travel itineraries ready for you to savor.

We are not here because of the tourism craze. We are not an adventure travel company creating one or two itineraries because past guests want to go to Havana...and then when the fad wears off, we are leaving. That is not us. We are here. We are in Cuba. We are Cuba. Cuba's active travel company! 

Unabridged. Unordinary. Unforgettable. Unbound. Cuba Unbound.