Our Travel Ethics

As a group of people that feel passionately about traveling to Cuba, we recognize the impact tourism and travel can have on a destination. Monetary and economic gain from tourism can be very important to the country of travel, but that gain should never be at the expense of its habitat, culture, or inhabitants welfare. Because of that, our Cuba tours are locally sourced and aim to provide our fellow adventurers with experiences that have a positive influence on the locales they visit, therefore further developing and supporting responsible travel in Cuba. As guests in another country, we should never force our own lifestyles, heritage or beliefs on others but rather work to appreciate and recognize the culture of the locals and experience their genuine, albeit different, way of life.

At Cuba Unbound we feel that giving back to the community we travel to is crucial, because it is this community that ensures that our tours are such a success. We enjoy working with our employees, clients, fellow travelers, and local contacts to secure that the achievements of our organization go straight back into the community as well as into protecting and preserving Cuba’s treasured environment. We are actively striving to share what responsible travel in Cuba entails and we take it very seriously.


  •     Helping, consulting with and working personally with Cuban shops, services and individuals.
  •     Sourcing materials and equipment in Cuba.
  •     Encouraging, working with, and embracing Cuban people.
  •     Treating our guests, partnerships, local communities and businesses fairly and justly.
  •     Working with other partners and businesses who are passionate about giving back to the community.
  •     Having our travelers stay at Casa Particular’s (modest family-run homestays)
  •     Being efficient and economical in our use of natural resources.
  •     Minimizing environmental disturbance and damage for items that can carry an unfavorable impact.
  •     Leaving lodging sites in a better state than we find them.
  •     Creating group tours that are small and limited helping to lessen cultural and environmental consequences and supporting a more enhanced travel experience.
  •     Following Cuban government and local recommendations for preserving vegetation and animal life.
  •     Working with compatible businesses who share our passion and appreciation for travel, the environment and responsible travel in Cuba.
  •     Taking care of the local wildlife as applicable.