Eastern Cuba Revelation – A Cultural Walking Tour

Quick Overview


RATES: $3590

2017 DATES: 4/4

  • Duration: 11 days
  • Extentions: Add a 3 days in Havana!
  • Activities: Walking, hiking
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Minimum Age: 12


D​ue to Hurricane Matthew, 
which hit in early October,​ we can no longer access 
​ and its surroundings​. We
​ have​ altered the itinerary
​ accordingly​, and
​ while heartbroken for our friends in Baracoa and hoping for a speedy recovery effort, we are
​ also excited with our new route.
​  We will update the itinerary below with all new details soon​.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience, and know that this is still a fantastic tour of the less-traveled eastern part of the island!

Though fewer visitors make their way to Eastern Cuba today, it was the place that colonists first settled and explorers first landed. And for hundreds of years after Christopher Columbus’ landing in 1492 near Gibara, and the Spaniard’s first settlement in Baracoa, Cuban history has continued to be made in eastern Cuba.

Teddy Roosevelt led his Rough Riders into battle on San Juan Hill outside of Santiago de Cuba, and Fidel Castro chose Santiago de Cuba as the starting site and battle cry of his revolution. French-Haitians migrated to cities along the eastern shore and fomented their intoxicating Afro-Cuban culture and Son cubana came into being. Indigenous Taino people inhabited the coast before the empires of the east began to even start looking west.

Today, Eastern Cuba continues to see a confluence of cultures. Humbolt National Park was the research ground for Cuban and American scientists in a collaborative project sponsored in part by the American Museum of Natural History. Their findings will soon play a significant role in the American Museum of Natural History’s newest bilingual exhibition, ¡Cuba!, opening in 2016.

Join us on our 12-day tour through Eastern Cuba’s and trace Cuba’s history from its earliest colonial settlement to its latest collaborative efforts with the America. Our tour sets off from Holguín, near Columbus’ landing point, and culminates in Santiago de Cuba, where the reign of the Castros began. Follow the steps of Buena Vista Social Club’s famous song “Chan Chan” and make your way to Mayarí. Wander through the African safari island of Cayo Saetia where zebras and buffaloes roam. Soak in wild Baracoa’s je ne sais quois. Feel the way Santiago de Cuba moves to its own tempo: more frenetic, more keyed up, more exposed than other Cuban cities.

Eastern Cuba retains an unfiltered essence of Cuba auténtica. It’s untamed and indomitable—the perfect setting for scientific collaboration, revolution, and the expectation for Cuba’s tomorrow. Eastern Cuba has always been a frontier; it’s only the nature of the frontier that has changed over the years. It’s an exciting time to visit Cuba’s eastern frontier—you just might witness history in the making.