People to People Travel in Cuba | Cuba Unbound

People to People Travel in Cuba

People-to-People Cuba Travel and What it Means to Cuba Unbound.

Our people-to-people outdoor adventure programs are founded on increasing dialogue and making meaningful connections in Cuba. We believe in an interconnected world, and our adventures are built around providing transformative, immersive experiences within diverse cultures.

The people-to-people Cuba travel initiative permits Americans to travel to Cuba with the intention of promoting educational and cultural exchanges. Each program emphasizes experiencing and interacting with Cuban artists, conservationists, naturalists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and culinary experts. Traveling through Cuba with a people-to-people emphasis means our itineraries will take participants to places that the typical tourist seldom sees or knows to look for. Rather, our trips take participants to communities, organizations, and places that will not only be educational and enlightening, but culturally enriching for both parties involved.

While our programs do not include individual trips or individually customized programs, here is some information to consider:

  • Cuba Unbound's travel license states that a Cuban guide and a Cuba Unbound Representative must accompany travel groups regardless of the group size.
  • Cuba Unbound tours fully conform with the United States' easing of travel restrictions to Cuba, as announced on December 17, 2014
  • Cuba Unbound includes a schedule of interesting activities, and as such these tours are not self-directed or guided. Trips are fully scheduled, and activities are immersive and incredibly insightful for the Cuban visitor.
  • Tourists may not travel to Cuba independently to connect with our travel group at a later date. The U.S. regulates flights to Cuba, and as such only licensed travelers can secure seats on charter flights. As these charters are private, travelers may not find flights for our tours available online or by scheduling it through an airline. With Cuba Unbound, we fully license your travel to Cuba and coordinate and book your charter flight in your name.

A people-to-people Cuban tour will go beyond a travel experience and instead provide a unique exposure to a dynamic and diverse culture. Expand your global perspectives while you make global connections with people-to-people travel. We lead this initiative with active travel in Cuba still on people-to-people programs.