Pinares de Mayari

Pinares de Mayari, which translates to “pinewoods of Mayari,” is a stunning ecological area within the Holguin province of Cuba. The region lush with pine greenery, which beautifully fringes magnificent geological formations and impressive waterfalls. At nearly 2,000 feet above sea level, the Salto del Gayabo is one of the highest waterfalls in all of Cuba.

The area is a paradise for leisurely hikes, with stops along the way to ride down natural rock waterslides, admire dozens of species of fern and orchid, and marvel at the size of the pine trees towering above. There are plenty of opportunities to swim, birdwatch, and ride horseback, as well.

Within the pinewoods is a locally-owned and operated eco-lodge, Villa Pinares de Mayari. The lodge is made up of various cabins, and provides creature comforts as well as traditional Cuban food amongst the surrounding natural landscape. Near the villa are an assortment of additional attractions, including La Mensura Farm, which breeds imported animals such as deer and antelope. There is also a nearby coffee plantation (La Plancha) and small lake (El Cupey). 

A great way to visit Pinares de Mayari is on our Cuba kayak tours.

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