Cuba Unbound Testimonials

Below is a selection of guest testimonials.

A sign of a good tour is one where people want to come back. Guess you were successful AGAIN!
I have nothing but good things to say about this trip and I have already promoted it to my friends!
All of it was a highlight. I can't think of anything that disappointed me, except that I couldn't stay longer.
Thank you all for your welcoming me on this trip. It was life changing in many ways and has also made me realize that a multi-day kayak trip (this was my first) is doable. I loved everything about it. Thank you again.
Chris and Leah were phenomenal guides. They anticipated participants needs, made accommodations, and made sure everyone felt comfortable and included. They are FANTASTIC!
The food was really good, especially the consistently excellent seafood. I never thought I'd get tired of lobster!
I was very glad to do as much kayaking as we did! And the gear was fantastic, which made it even better.
The country and its people are beautiful and friendly. Your tour was well organized, the tour guides were great and the places we stayed at, ate and played were excellent. The only thing that matters is: Would I go on this trip with your company again? The answer is a resounding "Yes."