Can Americans Still Travel to Cuba?

Yes, U.S. travelers can still go to Cuba legally

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Visit Cuba on a fully legal Support for the Cuban People tour!  Our tours are designed so that you have meaningful interactions with ordinary Cubans, learning about their lives while also sharing with them our perspectives on the world.  Our hope is that there is a mutual benefit to all involved as we learn from each other.  This is also a way for you to support Cuban entrepreneurs that provide us with private services along the way.  

Our tours provide a hassle-free, fully legal way for Americans to visit Cuba.  With over 40 years in the travel business, and operating in Cuba since 2015, our team has spent months combing the country for authentic experiences that get you behind the scenes to understand the rich culture and history.  Many of our tours are custom Cuba tours arranged for families or small groups.  Our extensive network of guides, drivers, restaurant owners, Bed & Breakfast hosts, artists, naturalists, and more is essential to the success of your travels in Cuba.  Our tours are unique in that many include outdoor activities led by Cuban guides on foot, kayak and bike!

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Cuba Unbound has taken hundreds of people to Cuba on immersive, journeys that benefit both participants and the people we visit.  We are licensed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under section 31 C.F.R.§ 515.572(a)(1) to provide travel services to Cuba. Cuba Unbound also has contracts with Cuban travel agencies that allow us to bring U.S. travelers to Cuba.