Cuba Cycling Tours

With its stunning natural scenery and storied towns, Cuba is a destination that's made for exploration on two wheels. It's a place where slowing down leads to the discovery of so much more and the opportunity for unique travel experiences that are sure to be enriching.

Our cycle tours are designed and inspired by bike enthusiasts, with a perfect combination of time behind the handlebars and other activities. They will take you well off the beaten tourist track onto roads less travelled, with short hikes, kayaking excursions, and snorkeling expeditions along the way.

From the legendary Bay of Pigs to the colonial streets of Trinidad, you'll be immersed in the island's rich history and energized culture. Slowly cycle the shores of idyllic beaches and alongside crumbling old buildings while meeting the people who make Cuba what it is today.

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Central Cuba Bike Tour

Experience Cuba’s rugged interior while traveling south. From Santa Clara to Trinidad you’ll experience Cuba off the beaten path. Visit the UNESCO designated colonial town, ride along the Bay of Pigs and the glittering coast to Cienfuegos all the while stopping for snorkeling and exploring along the way. This tour will take you all the way northwest to end in Havana. Pedal through Cuba’s heritage, culture, and raw natural beauty.

Western Cuba Cycling Tour

Pedal through the history and culture of Western Cuba. From Havana to the western top of the island, you’ll cycle along white-sand beaches, hear stories of indigenous communities, pass by thriving fields of tobacco plats, and stop to taste the flavors of Cuban cuisine. Cycle roads less traveled path passing by locals who are eager to share their stories and country with visitors near and far.

Cuba’s Multi-Sport Tour

Pedal, hike, and paddle through the perfect blend of time in the Cuban countryside and bustling cities. You’ll kayak, hike, and bike as you explore Havana, Bay of Pigs, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritu. Drench yourself in fascinating history, architecture, and culture on this active 8-day tour.