U.S Flights to Cuba

It’s not just the tropical sun that’s beating against Cuba’s tarmac: commercial U.S. airlines have frequent daily flights to Cuba and with these, Cuba continues to open itself up to the world. These flights continue the process of normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba, and many believe it’s another opportunity for the expansion of democracy, freedom, and cultural exchange. It’s an exciting time, even if many details are still, well.... up in the air!

Flying to Cuba at Large

Amerian Airlines has the most daily flights to Cuba, including several airports besides Havana.  These are Holguin,  Camagüey, Santa Clara and Varadero.  The flights to the larger cities in other parts of Cuba beyond Havana are primarily for Cuban-Americans flying to see family. However, they are a boon for travelers wishing to visit other parts of Cuba, and help Cuba Unbound guests access our tours to other parts of the island.

Flying to Havana

Options are great with American, Delta, United, Southwest and Jet Blue all offering daily service.

What Does This Mean For You?

Cuba has 10 international airports, an impressive feat for a country about the length of California and home to about 11 million people. Canadians and Europeans have been flying into Varadero, about 2 hours east of Havana, for years to reach Cuba’s all-inclusive resorts, and Cuban-Americans have long been acquainted with flying into Santa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, and Camagüey to visit family. It will be easier now more than ever to explore Cuba’s more off-the-beaten-path regions (like Eastern Cuba).  Airlines are looking ahead to creating a better flight and booking experience. Though Americans hoping to qualify for purposeful travel to Cuba must still fall under one of 12 categories including "Support for the Cuban People" and "People-to-People” group travel,  the frequent flights to Cuba are making it easy for you to enjoy a Cuban travel experience. 

What Does This Mean For Cuba Unbound?

New options for flying to Cuba from more and more US cities continue and our trips under our Cuba Unbound brand to take advantage of the new airline service to more Cuban airports. If you have any questions about how U.S.-based flights to Cuba operate, please reach out to us; one of our adventure consultants can provide you with additional information.

Cuba flights are one step closer to one-click simplicity. Get ready for new adventures! 

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