Fabrica de Arte is a must-see nightclub, performance space, and art gallery hybrid in Havana.

Art enthusiasts of all varieties gather in Fabrica de Arte's span of exhibition spaces, featuring modern and traditional Cuban art. Genres of art include architecture, visual arts, cinema, dance, graphic design, industrial design, photography, fashion, music, and theater. Visitors are able to dance, dine, and appreciate the galleries – all with a mojito in hand.

The building that houses the Fabrica de Arte served as the Electric Power Company of Cuba in the early 1900s, before turning into a cooking oil factory. The warehouse is now owned by the Ministry of Culture and houses the art space with the goal of increasing social integration and supporting the work of artists from all mediums. While the industrial space is cutting-edge for Cuba, it supports a longstanding cultural tradition of arts in early childhood education. The atmosphere is a lively representation of how personal expression energizes and unites the Cuban community. Want to visit Fabrica de Arte on your Cuban active adventure? Join us on our Havana weekend escape tour and experience Cuban art in action.