Cuban Travel Entry Requirements - D'Viajeros Advance Information of Travelers Form

Required as of January 2023


***We are pleased to offer guidance to our valued Cuba Unbound guests. For your convenience, please consult the information below or call us with your reservation number. Regrettably, if you are not a guest of Cuba Unbound, we are unable to provide advice or assistance regarding your Cuba visa. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to explore the resources available online.


In order to enter Cuba, you must complete the D'Viajeros Advance Information of Travelers Form. This can only be completed once you are within 48 hours from departure to Cuba. This is a simple form that asks some health questions as well as including the customs declaration form. You must fill this out before you leave home but not sooner than 48 hours prior to departure. Upon submission of the form you receive a QR code and an email that you present to immigration officers on your arrival in Cuba.

A Step by Step Guide to Filling out the D'Viajeros Travelers Form:

Step 1: Online Form Site

Go to this site to begin your form 48 hours or less from your date of departure. 

Step 2: Change Language

In the upper right hand corner click on the small icon to select your language of choice. The form will automatically be in spanish if you do not change the language. 

Step 3: Request Form

Once your form is in the language of your choice, begin by clicking "form request." A form will pop up on your page for you to start filling in your information.

Step 4: Personal Data

Enter your personal data. The country name they use for the United States is "USA" so you can just type USA and choose that option when it asks about "Country Where the Person Was Born?" etc.   Notice the required fields indicated in red before clicking "next."

Step 5: Migratiory and Flight Information

Here you will fill out your flight information and list which airport in Cuba you will be arriving at. Double check the airport code you'll be flying into on your air ticket. The Havana airport is A.I. Jose Marti (La Habana/HAV).  

Purpose of visit: In this case you choose "Tourism."  Even though that is not the reason as far as the US government is concerned, it is the reason as far as Cuba is concerned.

Step 6: Place of Accommodation and Sanitary Information

The first question is "Place of Accommodation." 

If you choose "Hotel" then the next box asks the name of the hotel. If your itinerary shows that you are staying in a hotel on your first night in Cuba, you can choose "hotel" from the drop down menu and select the name of the hotel such as "Grand Aston La Habana."  When you choose "Hotel" the boxes about "Municipality" and "Province" disappear.

House or Room for Rent: If your itinerary indicates that you are staying in a Casa Particular on the first night upon your arrival, chose the option "house or room for rent." If you have not received the exact address of your first night's accommodations, please reach out to one of our Adventure Consultants or, if you arranged this on your own, contact the host of your accommodation. If you have the address, list the street address. Then it asks for the Province, so you would choose "La Habana" if going to Havana, or "Holguin" if going to Holguin, etc. Then enter the "Municipality" meaning the city or neighborhood. In Havana, choose the correct neighborhood, but if you don't know, just enter "Plaza de la Revolucion".  If going to the province of Holguin, choose the city of Holguin.

The next section on this page asks:

  • Countries Visited in last 15 days - for most people you would simply choose "USA"
  • Symptoms in the last 15 days - if you don't have any, just skip this.  There is no choice for "none."
  • Questionnaire - skip this also

The next section on this page is about COVID-19.

You will see a part about vaccination status on the left side of the screen, and PCR Test on the right side.  Each has a check box. If you are vaccinated, check the box that says "Vaccination" and then put the type of vaccine you got and the date of your last vaccine.  Then go to "NEXT" at the bottom of the form.  Leave the box next to "Test PCR-RT (NAAT)" blank.

If you are not vaccinated against COVID-19 then do not check the box by either "Vaccination" or by "Test PCR-RT (NAAT)".   Simply hit "NEXT" at the bottom of the page and it will take you to the next page. 

Currently there is no COVID-19 vaccine or testing requirement for travel to Cuba.

Step 7: Customs Information

Select "No" for the question about "Unaccompanied Luggage."  

Indicate the number of children under 10 traveling with you.

Leave the question about currency blank unless you are bringing more than $5000 in cash.

You do not need to declare what you are bringing into Cuba unless you are bringing any personal items that have a total value of $1,000 or more. Thus, just skip down the page to the box asking:

Do you have something to declare at customs? (*) and choose "No" unless you do have something to declare. Again, it would be rare for any of our travelers to have anything to declare.

Then hit the "NEXT" button.

Step 8: Declaration

This is your sworn declaration. 

Step 9: Save and Print the PDF

You have completed the Cuba D'Viajeros travel form! Upon submitting your form you will see a PDF with a QR code and proof of completion. We highly recommend you print and save this document to show at customs when you arrive in Cuba.


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