Since its inception in 1817, Gibara has been known as La Villa Blanca, or “The White Town.”

Gibara's breezy coastal landscape, picturesque white Spanish architecture, and quaint piazzas make it easy to forget that this resilient town withstood the likes of both Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Sandy.

Today, Gibara's pace is relaxed and easy-going. Though it is in no hurry to catch up with the faster pace of the rest of the world, the town does host an annual independent film festival every April. Since 2003, the Festival Internacional del Cine Pobre has attracted cinema fans from across the globe to Gibara’s only cinema: Cine Jiba. The festival is accompanied by street parties across town, featuring food stands, concerts, dancing, and comedy.

Other town attractions include the Museo de Historia Natural (which houses a massive whale skeleton), a 1850’s church, and pleasant town square known as Parque Calixto Garcia. Gibara’s waterfront location contributes to its delicious seafood, including fresh crab, lobster, marlin, and snapper, all of which you can enjoy in area restaurants. Looking to walk through Gibara's untamed beauty and stand where Christopher Columbus once stood? Join us on our Cuba kayak tours and experience Gibara.