Hiking Tours in Cuba

Cuba isn't a destination that can be understood on a whistlestop tour or by ticking attractions off a list. It requires a “slow travel” approach, which is embodied in our selection of tours focused on exploring the island on foot. Go where cars and other motor vehicles can't and be enchanted with Cuba, up close and on foot. Explore alley ways, stop to converse with locals, and follow the flavors of local cuisine.

From its UNESCO World Heritage-listed colonial towns to its wildlife-filled nature reserves, Cuba beats to its own drum. On a walking or hiking trip, you'll gain a deeper insight into what makes the nation tick while enjoying immersive experiences and meaningful interactions with locals.

Hike beneath the surreal mogotes of the Valle de Viñales and wander the cobblestone streets of Trinidad before trekking to majestic waterfalls in Topes de Collantes. Along the way, you'll learn about the colonial history of Cuba and its revolutionary fervor, as well as the changes that are taking place now that its doors are well and truly open.

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Pico Turquino Trekking

Experience Cuba from up above. On this 6 day tour you’ll hike up up Cubas tallest peak, Pico Turquino in the Sierra Maestra mountain range. As the mountain range is home to the birth of Cuba’s Revolution, the mountains hold secrets and stories of history integral to the Cuba we knos today. From the mountaintop you’ll travel to Santiago de Cuba on the Caribbean coast to explore the streets, music, cuisine, and culture of Cubas bustling cities.

Eastern Cuba Revelation

Experience the corners of Cuba less traveled. Eastern Cuba remains an intersection of French and Haitan culture that offers a unique exploration for those who find their way to this side of the island. From Holguin to Santiago, follow the footsteps of Columbus and Castro through an epic hiking journey through Cubas rugged and lush interior.

Cuba Walking Tour

Join us to experience Cuba on foot and up close. Over the course of 8 days you’ll explore numerous national parks, nature reserves, coral reefs, and world heritage sites. Walk alongside naturalist guides, historians, and park officials for a rich educational and cultural experience.