Filling Out a Cuba Visa Tourist Card - Tarjeta del Turista

If you have a trip to Cuba coming up, you are likely gathering all the documents you need to enter the country seamlessly. Travelers to Cuba require a visa, also known as a Cuban Tourist Card. If you are flying from the USA, the U.S. air carrier will have these visas available for sale in the boarding area, at a price ranging from $50-$100. It’s also legal to fly through another country like Canada or Mexico. In that case you can also obtain the visas at the airport.  For your convenience, Cuba Unbound is also able to provide these for a fee.

Below is a photo of the “Visa – Tarjeta del Turista.”  Read this carefully because if you make a mistake, you will have to purchase another visa.

Image of a blank Cuban tourist visa card application with a blue pen


A step by step guide to filling out a Cuban tourist visa card - Tarjeta del Turista:

*Please note that you will need this tourist visa to enter and leave Cuba. 

Step 1

Fill out your last name on the first line.

Step 2

Fill out your first name on the second line.

Step 3

Fill in the requested information such as date of birth above the indicated space for day, month, and year.

Step 4

Fill in your passport number 

Step 5

For citizenship, citizens of the United States should just put “USA”


*Note: If you make a mistake on the left side, and it is minor, just repeat in the same on the right side.  

On the back you will see a stamp from ROW Sea Kayak Adventures.  This is our company that has an agreement with the Consulate of Cuba to purchase these tourist cards.


Full List of Cuba Entry Requirements