Lago Hanabanilla's elongated twists and turns are more reminescent of a slightly overflowing river than a lake as it creeps in and out of the Escambray Mountain's steep, hilly crevices. 

Lago Hanabanilla, a protracted 26-square-kilometre lake that is, in fact, a reservoir, runs along the northern fringes of the Sierra del Escambray in a serpentine fashion. Looking down at the lake nestled in its valley provides a stunning panorama from any vantage point. While beautiful, the lake also serves as a geographical marker of the boundary between the countryside lying south of Santa Clara and the mountainous terrain it slowly evolves into.

Many recommend touring this lake by boat, which you can rent by the hotel that shares the lake’s name. From a boat, visitors can more easily see the imposing hills raising around them as well as the interesting marine life found below. On foot, there are various walks from the hotel leading toward stunning waterfalls shaded by the surrounding dense trees. For nature lovers, Lago Hanabanilla’s serene waters provide for a wealth of Cuban flora and fauna. Visit sites like Lago Hanabanilla within the Sierra del Escambray mountains on one of our Cuba active tours