Located in an old warehouse on the pier of Havana Harbor, the Mercado San Jose is the ideal destination for authentic Cuban souvenir shopping.

Friendly local artisans set up booths within the warehouse, where they showcase paintings of Cuban ranging from landscapes to celebrities, modern and historical photography, embroidered garments, sculptures, jewelry, leather crafts, and cigar humidors among many other handmade knick knacks. Alongside the artistic handcrafts are often small cultural events, varying from music to theater.

The artisan market, once located in Cathedral Square, moved to the refurbished warehouse in an effort by the Office of the Historian to preserve Havana’s heritage and celebrate the Cuban culture. Beyond the market is a veranda that offers a beautiful panoramic view of the bay, fresh sea air, and a place to relax as ships move about the port. Looking forward to browsing the booths at the Mercado San Jose? We spend some time in the bustling warehouse on our Cuba walking tourHavana weekend escape tour or our Visions of Cuba Photography Tour