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Support for the Cuban People

Support for Cuban People and What it Means to Cuba Unbound

Our support for the Cuban people outdoor adventure programs are founded on increasing dialogue and making meaningful connections in Cuba. We believe in an interconnected world, and our adventures are built around providing transformative, immersive experiences within diverse cultures.

The Support for the Cuban People travel category permits Americans to travel to Cuba with the intention of having meaningful connection with ordinary Cubans and support the civil society in Cuba.  Travelers must have a full-time schedule of activities that enhance contact with the Cuban people and result in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba.  Our expertly orchestrated tours provide this rich content every day and we are proud of our extensive network of various Cuban guides, naturalists, artists, entrepreneurs, culinary artists, owners of Bed & Breakfasts, restaurants and more.

Our Cuban travel programs are thematic in nature. We have both scheduled departures and also specialize in custom travel to Cuba.  Groups can range from two to twenty, or even more for special events.  

Cuba Unbound tours include a schedule of interesting, educational, interactive and meaningful exchange activities, and as such these tours are not self-directed or self-guided. Trips are fully scheduled, and activities are immersive and incredibly insightful for the Cuban visitor.  Travel to Cuba provides a unique exposure to a dynamic and diverse culture. Expand your global perspectives while you make global connections.  View all our travel tours to Cuba HERE.