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  • The Most Beautiful National Parks in Cuba

    There are countries like Costa Rica that are known for the large percentage of lands they have protected as parks and nature reserves.  In total Costa Rica has protected about 28% of its territory, compared to 14% in the United States.

  • What is the best way to tour Cuba?

    Legal Travel to Cuba for the U.S. Citizen Explained
    I’ve traveled most of my life and have been fortunate to have visited over 50 of the world’s countries. Some travels were on tours (both as a guide and a participant) and some travels were independent.
  • Cuban Comfort Food

    Every culture has comfort food.  That food you long for when you’ve had a tough day, or you are lonely, or you just need the sense of a pat on your back, transmitted to your stomach.  It’s the food that makes you feel at home and that life is good.